Everything is designed and everyone is a designer

“We cannot simply draw a line between the inside and the outside of culture, or between public and private experiences of mass media, or between low and high forms of expression. The line must also be drawn across them, through them: linking the two sides of the divide as well as separating them, cancelling the opposition as well as defining it.”

Ellen Lupton and Abbott Miller in High and Low: Design in Everyday Life

“All media of communication are a by-product of our sad inability to communicate directly from mind to mind. Sad, of course, because nearly all problems in human history stem from that inability. Each medium (the term comes from the Latin word meaning middle) serves as a bridge between minds. Media convert thoughts into forms that can traverse the physical world and be re-converted by one or more senses back into thoughts.”

Scott McCloud in Understanding Comics

Influential thinkers

  • Siegfried Giedion (see Mechanization Takes Command)
  • Ellen Lupton and Abbott Miller (see Design, Writing, Research: Writing on Graphic Design)
  • Scott McCloud (see Understanding Comics)
  • William H. Whyte (see City: Rediscovering the Center)
  • Robin Williams (see The Non-Designer’s Design Book)
  • Richard Saul Wurman (see Information Anxiety)