Historic Fountain Continues to Beautify Street

Lotta Crabtree’s fountain on Market Street in San Francisco, California.

In 1875, Lotta Crabtree gave this incredibly ornate fountain to the “citizens of San Francisco,” who continue to enjoy it to the present day on Market Street in San Francisco.  Overflowing with details, it includes antefixes, lions heads, and bas-relief medallions showing gold miners at work and a ship in full sail arriving into port.  Crabtree grew up in the gold fields of northern California and her career as an entertainer made her one of America’s early millionaires.   The location also marks the spot where international operatic superstart Luisa Tetrazzini gave a public concert on the street on Christmas Eve 1910, just five years after she made her American debut in San Francisco.  It’s also rumored that turkey Tetrazzini was named in her honor.