Cliff May’s First Ranch Style Building and House

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In his oral history, Cliff May claimed that the first structure he built in the ranch style was his own house for his family on Adams Avenue in San Diego.(1)  However, May’s first design in the ranch style was not a house but a building: the Sweetwater Woman’s Club in Bonita.  May drew up the plans and construction of the building was completed in June 1934.(2)  In August of the same year, May entered into a contract with Neil B. Dittenhaver to construct a “ranch  house and garage” at 3462 Malito Drive in Bonita.  This house was completed in November.(3)  It wasn’t until the beginning of 1935 that May designed a house for his family.   Early in the year, May purchased a lot at 4338 Adams Avenue.  Here, he built his first house for his family in the ranch style.  Completed April 9, the house still stands today although it has been significantly altered.(4)

For more information on Cliff May’s early work in San Diego, see Mary A. van Balgooy, “Before LA: Cliff May’s Beginnings in San Diego,” Journal of San Diego History, forthcoming.

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