Kitchen Remodeling Challenge

We live in a typical 1960s split level house that’s just turned 50 and needs some major maintenance and updating.  The current job is the kitchen, which we wanted to update when we moved in ten years ago but knew it would be one of the most complex and expensive.  It had cabinets from three different eras (raised panel dark walnut, raised panel golden oak, and flat panel medium birch), about four layers of vinyl flooring, had a brick wall next to the stove that soaked up stains, and was laid out with a center peninsula that created a deadend.  Plus there weren’t sufficient outlets and lights.

So we’ve embarked on a remodeling project that I also made into a personal design challenge.  I contend that good design costs no more than bad design, but you need to know where to spend your money, where to compromise, and what you can do yourself.  So for the next few weeks, I’ll trace out this project and we’ll see how it comes out in the end.  I won’t be posting as we go along simply because time doesn’t allow it (that’s one of the compromises), but I’ll share my experiences chronologically with lots of photos and observations.

First up, just some pics of the kitchen before the remodeling takes place. I’ve removed all of the usual kitchen clutter so the configuration is easier to see.

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