Postcard for West Montgomery Historic District?

Draft design for the West Montgomery postcard

Draft design for the West Montgomery postcard

I’m designing another postcard for Rockville to celebrate its historic districts, this time for West Montgomery.  It’s one of the first and also the largest district in town, so finding a way to show its diversity is a particular challenge.  My current strategy is to show as many buildings as possible without making them so small to be unidentifiable, as well as show a myriad of architectural styles and building types.

I’m also advocating for the district’s expansion since its surrounding neighborhoods are being filled by unsympathetic development and McMansions.  Why individuals are completely oblivious to the character of a community and create something so out of whack is beyond me.  In this case, “property rights” have overwhelmed “community responsibility,” resulting in a neighborhood that is no longer desirable and reducing property values, spoiling it for everyone.  Every time I see an oversized, coarsely designed house, I see the owner thumbing their noses at their neighbors (“Look at me—I can do what I please and you can’t stop me.”) but I think, “what a jerk”  and am once again convinced there’s no correlation between wealth and good taste.  Ugh.

Anyway, I’ll be puzzling over this postcard’s design for several weeks, perhaps months.  I do think it’s a bit dull and static, and needs to be a bit more dynamic and engaging.  I will be replacing some of the images with better views and from different seasons (although I don’t think I’ll be able to get the snow scenes I wanted—we hardly had anything this year and spring will soon be upon us).  If you have any suggestions, please send me an email or jot a comment below.