Postcard of Frieda’s Cottage

Postcard of Frieda's Cottage, Rockville, Maryland.

Postcard of Friedas Cottage, Rockville, Maryland.

I’ve just finished my recent postcard project, a collage of images announcing the preservation of Frieda’s Cottage in Rockville (Maryland) by Peerless Rockville. The postcard had to show the subject of the work, connect it to its famous resident (Frieda Fromm Reichmann), and demonstrate a clear need for support. This was my first production at the large “deluxe” size (5.5″ x 8.5″) so I had more room to place detailed images. The cottage was given prominence by size (it’s nearly the size of a standard postcard image) using a photograph taken at a time of day so that the light and shadows produced as much depth as possible (the cottage faces north and surrounded by tall trees, so it’s nearly impossible to have sunlight on its face). A high resolution portrait of Reichmann was not available so I downloaded a small 10K image from the Internet and then used Photoshop to apply a filter to improve the quality. Finally, a detail from the building shows the peeling paint, rusting metal, and mismatched window panes. The dark brown background and drop shadow help the images stand out. The two different typefaces (Vladimir Script and Perpetua Titling) are laid out in a contemporary manner to make the postcard timely and appealing.

Peerless Rockville printed 500 copies as an invitation to the ceremony marking the start of the project in July 2007 and an additional 1500 postcards for notes, messages, and promotional uses throughout the preservation project. Modern Postcard printed the postcards.